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Vines - Queen's Wreath

Vines - Queen's Wreath

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Queen’s Wreath (aka Coral Vine, Mexican creeper) is mostly evergreen, herbaceous perennial vine with climbing and twining tendrils that have an aggressive trailing habit to at least 30 feet.  Amongst the medium green, small cordate shaped foliage are clusters of small delicate pink, red and rarely white flowers.  This vine blooms in summer to autumn.  It is tolerant of most of microclimates in Phoenix but is freeze sensitive.  It can be headed back (lightly or extensively as needed) to control spread.  Regular and mostly copious supplemental waterings are necessary for vigor.  In the Phoenix area, coral vine is a nice tender vine for subtle flower accent in oasis and mesic settings.  Coral vine has tuberous roots that are reported to be edible.

Scientific name:  Antigonon Leptopus

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