I am Hector, Owner of Flower of the Gods.  I am a tree and plant enthusiast that believes everyone should have the ability to grow their own food.  Why do I love plants?  It’s in my blood!  Both my grandfathers were involved in the floral and agricultural business. To this day, my family is still involved in those industries.

There are many things we experience as a child that we don't understand at the time but as an adult you look back and are truly grateful.  As a kid, I was so upset that many of my Saturday mornings were spent with my mom in the garden. Really all I wanted was to be inside watching Saturday morning cartoons (I loved my Smurfs!).  She taught me about watering, feeding the plants, grafting and so much more.  Today, I am thankful for her sharing that love of plants with me.  I always smile when I see a beautiful rose bush or someone’s garden of vegetables as it reminds me of her and those Saturday mornings.

I started this business because I had a goal to create my own orchard. After visiting several valley nurseries, I had some realizations. I was astonished at the lack of knowledge of some of the sales staff about what they were selling. I was also floored by the push to buy several hundred dollars in amendments just to plant a small $80 tree.  Don't get me wrong - amendments are good and vital to a plant's growth.  Yes, there are some trees that are not native to our area that require quite a bit more care to thrive and produce fruit.  However, not all trees require you to spend hundreds of dollars a month to keep them alive.  I believe it is possible to sustain an orchard of your own without having to break the bank. 

I never want you to leave my nursery questioning if you overpaid or got in over your head with tree care.  I will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.  I want you to walk away feeling good about your purchase and the investment you made for your home and your family. 

I am an individual with an open mind.  I feel that even when you’ve been doing this for a 100 years, there is always something new to learn – a new technique or a new product that could make life easier.  We ALL could learn something every day.

I look forward to providing you trees, shrubs and more to enhance your life with home grown fruit and nature's beauty.