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Flower of the Gods has partnered with Soil, Seed & Water to bring you premium compost for your garden!

Dan's Gold is an all-natural dairy compost crafted for those seeking an organic solution to soil enrichment. Ideal for both small-scale gardeners and large agricultural fields, Dan's Gold is made from composted dairy manure, an ingredient cherished by farmers for its exceptional fertilizing properties. Whether applied to golf courses, vineyards, or home gardens, Dan's Gold enhances soil fertility and structure, promotes plant growth, and reflects sustainable agricultural practices.

Mix equal parts Dan's Gold with existing soil or planting soil when planting. Top dress plants, windrows, and trees with 1"-2" of Dan's Gold.

DELIVERY IS AVAILABLE!!!  Delivery fees are in addition to this price & charged separately.

Organic Material: Made from composted dairy manure, a valuable organic material.

Enhanced Soil Health: Enriches the soil with essential nutrients and improves its structure.

Reduction in Salt and Odors: Offers a more pleasant gardening experience.

Certified Quality: Accredited by CCOF, OMRI, and the US Compost Council.

Versatility: Ideal for different industries, including golf courses, vineyards, and home gardens

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