Collection: Apricots

An apricot is a small, round, orange-colored fruit that belongs to the same botanical family as peaches, plums, cherries, and almonds. It has a tart flavor when raw and a sweet flavor when dried. It is also known as a stone fruit or an Armenian plum. It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber, and has benefits for digestion and eye health. It is a native plant of Central Asia, but it is also grown in California and other places. 

There are many recipes that use apricots as an ingredient, either fresh, dried, or canned. Apricots are a juicy summer fruit that are perfect for desserts, salads, sauces, and jams such as Apricot Bars, Apricot-Filled Cookies, Herby Chicken with Apricots and Feta & Apricot Amaretto Jam.