Collection: Fig Trees

I LOVE FIGS!!!!  Figs have been a huge part of my life since I was young.  Growing up we had a fig tree in our backyard.  I remember harvesting heaping bowls and bowls of figs for fresh eating and for making fig preserves.  I’ve always been drawn to the fruit!  Later in life, in one of my travels, I stopped at a plant stand & ended up tasting several different types of figs.  That is where my addiction grew bigger.  I soon learned there are 100s of varieties and I’m on a mission to try as many as I can.

At Flower of the Gods, we make relationships with reputable fig collectors & work to bring varieties typically not found at other nurseries in the Valley.

In the past, we’ve shared these varieties with a select group of people.  In 2024, we are opening this up to all our customers. 

The website will continue to be updated as varieties are ready for sale.