Collection: Tree Roses

New for 2024! 

Flower of the Gods is excited to bring you Tree Roses!  This year we are offering 36" Standard Trees and 36" Two-fer Trees. 

Tree roses are not actually a class of rose but rather a way of growing them. A bush or climbing rose is grafted onto a straight trunk or trained, giving the desired treelike appearance.  They stand out among the other plants because of their unique shape combined with their colorful blossoms.

36” Standard Trees

Standard Trees are husky two-year-old plants grown on a sturdy 36” rootstock. We offer a broad selection of popular varieties, unusual weeping types and new intros. 

36” Two-fer™ Trees

Weeks’ 36” Two-fers are guaranteed to cause quite a clamor in your garden.  Imagine the excitement of two colors of flowers on just one tree.  We’ve carefully selected two different varieties that are perfectly balanced in flower size, floriferousness, foliage and habit to bud
onto our sturdy 36” rootstock. A real attention-grabber!