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Tree Roses - Sugar Moon

Tree Roses - Sugar Moon

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White roses exude elegance...but not much in the way of fragrance...until now! In this case, 'exude' is too delicate a word 'cause this honey will bulldoze you down with its powerful cold-cream perfume. Big pointed buds spiral open to show off broad petals of the purest white you can imagine. Black-green leaves make the pure white posies pop all the more. Good rebloom, natural vigor & long cutting stems make this a perfect addition for a cutting garden...or even just a smellin' garden. Comments: Larger flower size in cool temps.

Grower:  Weeks Roses

Growth:  36" tree at purchase, 5ft x 4ft mature size

Class:  Hybrid Tea

Flower Size:  Large, up to 5-inch diameter

Flower color:  Super fragrant pure white

Disease Resistance:  Very good

Fragrant List:  High - Intense sweet citrus & rose

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