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Shrubs - Verbena

Shrubs - Verbena

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Peruvian Red Verbena - This hardy verbena species is a very low grower (2-3" tall), perfect for a sunny rock wall.  It has tiny leaves and is smothered with brilliant, incredibly true red flowers from spring through summer. Butterflies and hummingbirds love it!  This is one of the most cold hardy of the Verbenas.  Drought tolerant but during hot weather, regular irrigation will encourage more blooms. Though it is a spreader, it is not a rampant grower and can be interplanted around other taller perennials, where it will slowly spread with its tiny, thick 1" long leaves and its stiff woody stems.  Peruviana Red Verbena is an excellent choice for a border or small area groundcover in sunny garden spots. It will cascade over walls or over the edges of pots in container gardens.

Sandpaper verbena gets its name from its rough textured leaves that feel like sandpaper when touched. It is a low spreading perennial with unique flattened stems and deep purple flowers in the spring.  It can reach 8-12 in. high, 3-4 ft.  This one doesn’t disappoint.  Vibrant, deep purple flowers carpets the ground spring through fall.  Butterflies love this one!

Scientific name:  Verbenaceae Verbena Peruviana & Verbena Rigida

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