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Roses - Westerland (Climbing)

Roses - Westerland (Climbing)

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For years, Westerland has been passed lovingly from one rose-lover to the next, earning its place in rosedom. Her reputation is based on terrific fragrance, glossy green highly disease-resistant foliage, great natural hardiness, large sprays of brightly colored blossoms and super vigor. Blooms and reblooms freely in the first season on both new and old wood. Can get very large in mild climates.

Grower:  Weeks Roses

Class:  Climbing

Growth Habit:  Climbing canes 10 to 12 feet

Flower Size:  Large, double, in clusters (18 to 25 petals)

Flower color:  Blended apricot-orange

Fragrant List:  Medium - Spice and rose

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