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Roses - Quest for Zest

Roses - Quest for Zest

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Large flowers, some single on a stem, others in cluster of 2 or 3 per stem, all perfect for bouquets to fill your home with delightful strong lemon-citrus/fruity fragrance! The large zesty yellow flowers will invite you to take a closer look, and the "off-the-charts" lemon fragrance will make you want to stay. Spiraled, double flowers add elegance in your yard or in your home as cut flowers. Upright, moderately spreading growth habit and very glossy, medium green leaves, combined with the large flower size, make this Grandiflora a fresh, new addition to our Grandiflora collection. Quest for Zest has excellent vigor, very strong
zesty lemon fragrance, and disease tolerance - a seldom found combination for a Grandiflora rose. She just might be the new Grandiflora that you've been looking for!

Grower:  Weeks Roses

Class:  Grandiflora

Growth Habit:  Medium-tall

Flower Size:  Small clusters of spiraled, elegant & double large, around 4-5 inch diameter flowers

Flower color:  Yellow with lighter outer petals

Fragrant List:  High - Strong citrus & fruity

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