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Roses - Miss Congeniality

Roses - Miss Congeniality

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There was not much competition when it was time to crown this classy 'lady rose' with the title of Miss Congeniality. Everybody agreed that she's a standout and in the beauty pageant of the rose world, she wins hands down as the most charismatic and inspirational contestant. The camera loves her picture perfect buds and flowers of everlasting pure white with vibrant pink edges. This flower's pleasant personality will be the center of attention in any garden or will create a warm and friendly atmosphere by displaying her talent in a vase. Her poise and grace shows in her large healthy glossy dark green foliage - this vigorous bush comes from a long history of beauty in her ancestors. Not only is she stunning in appearance, but this beauty can defend herself from diseases too.

Grower:  Weeks Roses

Class:  Grandiflora

Growth Habit:  Medium-tall/ Upright, bushy

Flower Size:  Medium-large, around 3½-4 inch diameter, in small clusters

Flower color:  White with pink picotee

Disease Resistance:  Very Good

Fragrant List:  Medium - Moderate sweet pear, hint of spice

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