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Roses - Make Me Blush

Roses - Make Me Blush

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You'll blush with pride when this easy-to-grow tea rose opens in mid-summer. Make Me Blush features large, true tea flowers that open 4 to 5 inches across, exuding a moderately fruity fragrance from clean, light-yellow blossoms blushed in cameo pink. From the lovely pointed buds in the early season to the large, recurring blooms all summer, you'll find Make Me Blush has shapely flowers at every stage. Stately plants grow to a mature height of up to five feet and are very vigorous. Hardy down to zone 5 and extremely resistant to mildew, rust, and rot.

Grower:  Weeks Roses

Class:  Hybrid Tea

Growth Habit:  Tall in height with an upright moderately spreading habit.

Flower Size:  Medium-large sized flowers around 3½ -5 inch diameter

Flower color:  Soft yellow with coral-pink blush

Fragrant List:  Medium - Moderate fruity

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