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Roses - Koko Loko

Roses - Koko Loko

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So unusual…it looks good enough to eat…or maybe drink in this case. The cocoa is creamy like latte. But the latte goes loco to finish all lavender! You just can't imagine a milky chocolate-colored bud would mature to be a solid soft lavender blossom. Early to bloom, every lovely bud spirals open with impeccable show form. The flowers last long on the plant & in the vase. Beyond its novelty, there lies a great plant….rounded, handsome & bushy…chock full of green leaves. Warm weather brings out the lavender.

Grower:  Weeks Roses

Class:  Floribunda

Growth Habit:  Full, rounded, bushy

Flower Size:  Medium-large, up to 4½ inch diameter

Flower color:  Milky chocolate suffusing to unusual lavender

Disease Resistance:  Above Average

Fragrant List:  Medium

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