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Roses - Distant Drums

Roses - Distant Drums

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Stop, look and listen up! Here's a striking color amongst the hardy roses released by the late Dr. Griffith Buck. Distant Drums grows much like a Floribunda in habit, drumming out clusters of pointed brunette buds that swirl open to reveal ruffles washed with orchid pink. All this set to music against dark green foliage makes for a toe-tapping commotion in the landscape.

Grower:  Weeks Roses

Class:  Floribunda

Growth Habit:  Medium/ Rounded, upright

Flower Size:  Medium, 3 to 3½ inch diameter

Flower color:  Warm tan washed with orchid pink on the outer petals

Fragrant List:  Medium - Moderate myrhh 

Disease Resistance:  Very Good

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