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Roses - Burst of Joy

Roses - Burst of Joy

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Kaboom! If you are still standing on your feet after admiring the flowers of Burst of Joy in your garden, you have great balance because those electric and vivid flowers of brilliant orange with bright yellow reverse coloration will knock your socks off. The eruption of radiant colors comes in perfectly shaped buds and opened blooms produced in abundance right on top of a vigorous, upright, bushy and uniform plant. The stems of Burst of Joy are long enough to make a stylish bouquet that will also generate smiles inside the house as the flowers last and last, holding their intense color until the very end!

Grower:  Weeks Roses

Class:  Floribunda

Growth Habit:  Medium/Upright & bushy

Flower Size:  Medium, around 3-4 inch diameter

Flower color:  Bi-color brilliant orange & bright
yellow reverse

Fragrant List:  Low, Mild tea

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