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Roses - Cosmic Clouds

Roses - Cosmic Clouds

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A brand new shrub rose that shows off a different color combination at every angle. With rich purple flowers offering up a cloud-white reverse, Cosmic Clouds Shrub rose adds intrigue as well as volume to the rose garden.  Cosmic Clouds can be trained as a climber in zones 8-10, and in colder zones, it performs wonderfully as a large shrub. Flowers appear in medium or large clusters, grouped in sets of three to ten blooms. Extremely full, each rose blossom is packed with over 75 petals and opens up to three inches in size. Cosmic Clouds is a fragrance fan's dream, with a strong, fruity scent that lasts in the vase. This rose fights off powdery mildew, downy mildew, and rust with ease.

Grower:  Weeks Roses

Class:  Large Shrub/Climber

Growth Habit:  Medium-tall sized plant with a bushy upright moderately spreading habit

Flower Size:  Large clusters of full, globular, cuppy & very double, medium-sized flowers of 2½-3 inch diameter. 70 to 85 petals

Flower color:  Magnta-purple fading deep purple with white reverse

Disease Resistance:  Very Good

Fragrant List:  High - Strong fruity 

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