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Succulent - Green Desert Spoon

Succulent - Green Desert Spoon

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Green Desert Spoon is an ornamental evergreen succulent.  Slow growth to to 6 feet with a strong trunk.  Long, green, twisting, narrow strap-like leaves to 40-inches long with prominent marginal spines.  Leaf sheath is in the form of spoon.  Flower spikes extend upwards to 15 feet in height. Unlike agaves, green desert spoon is polycarpic and doesn't die after flowering.

Green sotol plants do not naturally shed their leaves which are persistent and form a "skirt.  With that in mind, the only pruning that a sotol ever needs is the removal of senescent leaves. These should not be shared. 

Somewhat drought tolerant, but must receive supplemental water during summer for successful culture in Phoenix.

Scientific name:  Dasylirion acrotrichum

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