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Apple - White Winter Pearmain

Apple - White Winter Pearmain

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High quality, all-purpose apple - an old favorite, especially for fresh use. Widely adapted, including CA’s mild-winter coastal climates. Medium to large size, round to oval shape, pale yellow skin with dull red blush. Cream colored flesh is fine grained, crisp, juicy and aromatic with a rich, subacid to sprightly flavor. September/October harvest, good keeper. Healthy, vigorous, spreading, heavy-bearing tree. Excellent pollenizer for other apples. Believed to be the oldest known English apple, dating back to 1200 A.D. Low winter chilling requirement, about 400 hours. Self-fruitful.

Rootstock:  M111

Projected Harvest:  September 20 to October 7

Chill Hours:  400

Pollinator required:  Self-fruitful

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