Collection: Plumeria

The Plumeria is a gorgeous tree that looks tropical but does well in our Phoenix climate.  With a distinctive umbrella canopy and more than thousands of colorful bloom (and scent) varieties to choose from, the tree has a loyal following of devotees.  It can grow up to 20ft in height with an equal canopy.  Stunning flowers bloom summer through early winter.  Trees like morning sun or filtered shade as they do need sun to flower but do not like to be overexposed to our Phoenix sun.  They require good drainage whether in a pot or in ground.  Plumeria are frost sensitive so we recommend covering them when below 40 degrees. 

They do best if they are allowed to gradually condition to our Phoenix climate.  We suggest keeping it in a pot situated where it can enjoy morning sunlight or filtered shade, even under the canopy of a taller tree for at least the first summer season.  If you let them adjust, Plumeria can learn to adapt.

Colors available for purchase may vary.