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Vines - Yellow Orchid Vine

Vines - Yellow Orchid Vine

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Clusters of dainty yellow flowers on sprawling vines. Perennial, woody vines with large, dark green leaves that twine or sprawl up supports, such as posts, arbors, lattice, or trellises of any type. Extremely heat tolerant plants, they grow slowly at first, like other woody vines, until they have a substantial, supportive root system, then the tops grow at a steady but not vigorous rate. Their bright yellow orchid-like flowers can appear throughout the year and are followed by the most visually interesting butterfly winged round chartreuse colored seed pods, that eventually tan and turn brown.  They will tolerate part shade in low deserts, but too much shade inhibits flowering.  Grows up to 30ft high & wide.

Scientific name:  Mascagnia macroptera

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