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Euphorbia - Churee or Sullu Spurge

Euphorbia - Churee or Sullu Spurge

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The Churee, Sullu Spurge, or Euphorbia royleana is an erect, deciduous, flowering shrub or tree with whorled, succulent, segmented branches and a stout, hairy trunk.  Sullu Spurge is from the Himalayas in India and Bhutan at middle elevations.  They grow relatively quick and are low maintenance.  When hydrated, leaves form at the end of each arm.  Can be used in the ground (in areas of mild winters) as an accent or landscape specimen, for its form. It can easily be grown in a patio container.  Hardy to 25° F.  Sullu Spurge can tolerate full sun but may look better in light afternoon shade.  It needs regular watering to maintain leaves; especially in a pot.

Scientific name:  Euphorbia Royleana

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