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Shrubs - Texas Sage

Shrubs - Texas Sage

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Texas Sage is mostly evergreen.  This fast-growing shrub has medium green leaves and produces lavender flowers when the humidity and heat are high.  All species of Texas sage do well in summer and can be nearly maintenance-free if allowed enough room to grow into their natural shape.  

Several types available. 

Heavenly Cloud - known for its dense, upward branching growth habit that produces a breathtaking display of lilac-purple blossoms from early summer until fall.   This particular species blooms more than the more common ‘Green Cloud’ Texas sage.  This beauty is one of the larger Texas Rangers.

San Antonio Rose - tighter growth habit, tougher demeanor, and substantially larger bloom.  San Antonio Rose won't damp off like other Texas Rangers-- the crop was bred to thrive in landscapes throughout the Southwest. 

Lynn's Legacy - known for its cold tolerance, drought resistance, and its love for hot, sunny climates.  Less dependent on the increased humidity of monsoon season to bloom, which means it can produce its masses of fragrant, bell-shaped, lavender-purple flowers several times a month from early summer through fall. This evergreen shrub also features dense, grey-green foliage that develops into a compact and uniform shape with little to no pruning.

Scientific name:  Leucophyllum

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