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Shrubs - Boxwood (Japanese)

Shrubs - Boxwood (Japanese)

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Quintessential formal hedge plant. Small, bright green rounded leathery leaves help these plants stand out when used appropriately. While they can grow up to 5 ft. tall, they are more typically kept to 3 ft. or less by shearing. In low desert landscapes Boxwood requires ample water with well-drained soils and is relegated to planting in shady locations under larger trees, in courtyards, shaded entryways, or to frame in patios with an eastern exposure. However, since they are hardy to zone 6, in colder areas like Prescott, The Verde Valley, or much of the Rim country boxwoods can be planted in full sun, and make an outstanding well-behaved, tough shrub or hedge. 

Scientific name:  Buxus japonica

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