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Shade - Purple Robe Locust

Shade - Purple Robe Locust

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Durable deciduous tree for low, mid, and high desert landscapes. Lacy, emerald green foliage from upright growing canopies. Woody trees typically grow taller than they are wide with dark fissured bark. Their claim to fame for the landscape is long, drooping violet-purple, sweet-pea-like flowers in spring. ‘Purple Robe’ blooms about 2 weeks longer than other similar selections. Easy to grow with moderate to ample summer water, small branches can be brittle and drop, but are easy to pick up, otherwise wood is hard and dense. Use them as ornamental trees in residential landscapes, commercial sites, municipal streets, parks, or open areas with no overhead obstructions. Cold hardy enough to use anywhere in Arizona.  Growth to 30 - 40 ft. high x 20-30 ft. wide 

Scientific name:  Robina 

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