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Shade - Indian Laurel Fig (Ficus)

Shade - Indian Laurel Fig (Ficus)

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Dense shade tree for large areas such as sites with acreage, large courtyards, etc.  It can be used as a screening hedge.  Potentially massive tree, moderate grower, with a spread from 50-80ft.  Width generally greater than height especially for mature trees.  Foliage consists of beautiful, lustrous oval leaves, trunk and branches have thin, smooth, grayish white bark.  You should encourage deep rooting as these trees can grow an extensive matrix of surface roots.  Generally hardy outdoors in the temperature range of 24oF and to 117oF.  Foliage and young branches can be injured during cold winters in Phoenix.  Indian Laurel Figs have been known to experience freeze damage in Phoenix.  Trees can recover from freeze or heat but may look damaged while doing so. 

Scientific name:  Ficus Natida

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