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Shade - Arizona Native Mesquite

Shade - Arizona Native Mesquite

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Southwestern adaptable native mesquite. Native from NM, through AZ, CA and Northern Mexico, these mesquites have a rich ethnobotanical history in the southwest. Their wood, pods and sap were indispensable natural commodities to indigenous peoples. For modern urban dwellers, these trees offer natural adaptability, low maintenance and wildlife havens for residential, commercial and municipal landscapes. They have bright green to blue-green compound foliage against yellowish brown bark with decent gray thorns, with the bark becoming much darker and shaggy as they mature. Typically shrubby, multi-trunked trees, they can be trained into single trunked trees to fit some smaller urban spaces more efficiently. Flowers are yellow catkins in spring that are highly attractive to bees. Once pollinated, pea-like dark brown pods develop with edible slightly sweet seeds. Staking immature trees can be beneficial.  Height  25-30 ft. x 20-30 ft. wide.

Scientific name:  Prosopis velutina

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