Pre-Order for Dave Wilson FAQs

Pre-Order for Dave Wilson FAQs

We are now taking pre-orders for decidious bareroot trees & potted items from Dave Wilson.  Expected delivery for potted items is December 2023 & bareroot trees are expected in January 2024. 

Flower of the Gods strives to provide the BEST PRICES on Dave Wilson pre-order items in the valley.  For several years now, we've been saving you money on the same items that sell for more at other nurseries.  Flower of the Gods will continue to save you money so you can grow healthy food for you and your family.  It is important to know what exactly is in your food.

1)  Why should I pre-order?  Pre-ordering offers you the best chance to obtain the variety of tree you're looking for at the lowest price of the year.  Some items are limited quantities and may not be available once the pre-order ends.  Pre-order reserves the specific trees you want.

2)  Is there a deposit required?  Payment in full is required at the time of pre-order.  Please refer to our store policy regarding cancellation, etc.

3)  When do I receive my order?  Pre-order items will be available for local pick up only.  Orders will need to be picked up within 5 days of arrival at Flower of the Gods.  The sooner you pick up, the better chance you have for success.  Expected delivery for potted items is December 2023 & bareroot trees are expected in January 2024.

Note:  If your order is not picked during the designated pick up period or we do not hear from you, we will consider your order unwanted.  Your deposit will be & the items will be returned to stock. 

4)  What if my order is shorted?  Sometimes inventory is shorted from our vendors (unfortunately this is out of our hands).  As you all know, I will always make it right.  In this case, I will give you the option of store credit or a full refund.

Flower of the Gods

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are bareroot trees?

Bareroot trees (dormant, with no soil around
the roots) are available in winter, in the widest selection, from our
nursery and at the best prices.  Bareroot trees may be topped, limbed
and shaped as the grower chooses.

Container trees are conveniently available in
spring & throughout the year, but at a higher price than bareroot,
and all varieties and variety-rootstock combinations may not be
available.  For the first couple of weeks, actively growing trees
planted from containers must be watered frequently, sometimes daily, til
their roots establish in the surrounding soil.

One of the biggest grower of bareroot trees
popular in the Phoenix area is Dave Wilson.  Each year Flower of the
Gods brings in a wide selection of Dave Wilson trees for sale.  These
are typically available via pre-order online & for a short time in
person at the nursery.  For those not picked up during pre-order,
bareroot trees are quickly potted into containers to give them best
chance to break dormancy in spring.  These will be available for sale at
a higher price than bareroot with the understanding that they were
recently potted & need to be treated as such.  Once trees break
dormancy, Flower of the Gods will again adjust the price as I consider
them container trees at that point.

You can help your tree be successful by how
you treat your tree from the time you purchase, how you plant it &
care for it until it breaks dormancy.  Especially if planted early and
are well-established before any hot weather.  Bareroot trees are a great
way to secure the trees you really want in your yard. 

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