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Vines - Star Jasmine

Vines - Star Jasmine

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The Star Jasmine is widely used in California and Arizona as a small scale ground cover, raised planter, trellis plant or wall cover.  Sprawling and climbing vine with ends of branches erect, mesic, a festival for the senses when in bloom.  Evergreen, semi-woody, perennial vine, twining new growth, spreading to 25 feet, does not attach to surfaces but rather wraps itself around attaching surface.  Flowers are star shaped, white, very fragrant axillary flowers to 1.5 inches across in clusters of 3 to 5.  Heavy bloomer in April/May in Arizona.  Cold and heat tolerant from a Phoenix point of view.  In Phoenix partial shade with an eastern exposure is best. It can grow in full shade, but flowering is suppressed. In Phoenix, do not plant in western exposures or in reflected light situations.  Needs regular water. 

Scientific name: Trachelospermum jasminoides

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