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Vines - Lady Banks Rose

Vines - Lady Banks Rose

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Lady Banks Rose is a mostly evergreen, semi-woody climbing rose.  Small medium green pinnately compound leaves on green thorn less stems.  Clusters of auxillary white to yellow small flowers, single or double, not fragrant, borne on old wood produced the previous growth season.  Abundant floral color in mid spring (mid March in Phoenix).  Partial shade to full sun.  Requires regular watering.  Lady Banks' rose is an excellent accent climbing rose for Phoenix. It is best grown where its enthusiastic vigor need not be restrained. Grow it as a naturalized plant or over a very sturdy structure.

Fun fact:  The Guinness Book of World Records identifies 'The Tombstone', a double white Lady Banks', as the single largest rose plant in the world. Located near its namesake, Tombstone, Arizona.  It covers 8,000 square feet and was planted in 1855 by a homesick bride. 

Colors vary - white & yellow.

Scientific name:  Rosa banksiae

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