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Shrubs - Shrimp Plant

Shrubs - Shrimp Plant

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The Shrimp Plant is called so because of the flowers - white with pink or purple spots on the lower lip, but these small white flowers bloom at the end of a long row of colorful bracts that create the overall appearance of, well …something like a shrimp! The pink, salmon, and yellow bracts remain longer than the white flowers, and because new blooms appear from spring through fall, this low-growing, clumping shrub is full of color nearly year-round, inviting scores of hummingbird visitors. Like the multicolored bracts, the egg-shaped, apple-green leaves are soft and downy, and will drop from the plant when temperatures fall below 25 F. Though the roots will survive colder temperatures and the foliage will revive in spring, shrimp plants are often grown in containers.  They grow 3-4ft in height and width. 

Scientific name:  Justicia Brandegeeana

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