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Shrubs - Red bird of paradise

Shrubs - Red bird of paradise

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Fast growing, the Red Bird of Paradise is an upright evergreen thorny shrub or small tree boasting showy clusters of up to 40 brilliant gold to orange flowers from spring to fall.  The bowl shaped flowers feature long red stamens that create an exotic look.  The foliage of feathery green leaves is evergreen in frost-free climates.  It has sharp thorns along its stems and forms an effective thorny barrier.  Grows up to 10-20ft tall and 6-12ft wide.  Performs best in full sun.  Toxic to dogs and cats. 

These are popular in the Phoenix area – you’ve probably seen plenty of these around town.  The Red Bird of Paradise also attracts hummingbirds!

Scientific name:  Caesalpinia pulcherrima

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