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Shrubs - Oleander

Shrubs - Oleander

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Oleander is a versatile evergreen shrub, colorful, stiff, low, rounded and mounding to strongly upright and open, often imposing.  Moderate growth rate, ranging from 4 to 25 feet in height.  Hardy to 15o to 20oF and absolutely thrives in hot summer desert areas. 

But oleander has its dark side too and the operative word phrase to describe this is “deadly poisonous”.  All oleander plant parts are poisonous.  One leaf, if ingested, might be lethal enough to kill a 150 pound adult.  Children should be cautioned to NOT eat or touch foliage.  Smoke from burning oleander debris can be fatally toxic if inhaled.  Always wear gloves and wash exposed body parts (hands, face, etc.) and clothes after pruning or handling this plant.

Scientific name:  Nerium oleander

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