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Shrubs - Spanish Lavender

Shrubs - Spanish Lavender

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Spanish lavender has narrow leaves and lavender, pink-violet flowers that form a “pineapple” shaped flower top (bract). It is a small, fragrant shrub.  It is believed that Lavandula stoechas was the lavender species used by the Romans to perfume baths.  Spanish lavender is native to the Mediterranean and has showier flower spikes than French lavender. The flowers grow on upright stems and their leaves are not scalloped like French lavender, but straight like English lavender. Sometimes you will see it referred to as Rabbit Ears due to the shape of the flower petals or bracts.

Both French and Spanish Lavender are evergreen, mostly herbaceous perennial shrubs.  Foliage is nearly silver white when immature to grey green at maturity.  In Phoenix, the bush flowers during the cool season, winter through mid-spring.  It grows to 2-2.5ft in height and can be more spreading.  These lavenders do better with eastern exposure and are intolerant of western afternoon sun especially during late spring through early autumn.  Lightly amend with organic matter, avoid highly organic and amended soils as this will promote a rank and rangy habit of growth.  Like English lavender, French and Spanish lavender attracts bees and butterflies and is differentiated from L. angustifolia (English lavender) by the presence of distinct leaf marginal dentations. 

Scientific name:  Lavandula Stoechas

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