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Shade - Texas Ebony

Shade - Texas Ebony

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The Texas Ebony is an under-appreciated desert landscape tree.  These trees are highly drought tolerant, slow growing and moderately cold hardy to 25 F.  Leaves are made-up of clusters of shiny, dark green leaflets.  Branches are highly spined and zig-zag at each node.  Branching is usually dense resulting in a thick canopy that casts dense shade. This combination of thorns and dense branching makes Texas Ebony ideal for security screen plantings.  It is also used as an accent tree with its striking dark green leaf color, smoky grey bark and semi deciduous growth habit. The tree prefers well drained soils and full sun. Young trees require pruning to ensure that they will mature with desirable shape.  Clusters of fragrant yellow or white flowers are produced from May to October with 4 to 6 inch seed pods maturing within 30 days. Pods split open naturally to release most seeds. Texas Ebony can reach heights from 15 to 30 feet.

Scientific name:  Olneya tesota

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