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Shade - Southern Live Oak

Shade - Southern Live Oak

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Southern Live Oak trees initially grow at a fairly rapid rate that slows as trees mature. Thick, darkly colored, vertically fissured bark is typical on maturing trees. Younger trees have relatively smooth bark. A dense canopy of deep green, leathery leaves, with a shiny surface and gray green bottoms, generate abundant shade, nearly year round.  Live Oaks are incredibly long lived with some of the oldest specimens in the US estimated to be several hundred years old. Given this long life, mature height and spread are a function of age. On average trees can reach 50’ tall with 80’ wide canopies. Estimates suggest that trees reach maturity in about 75 years. Live Oaks shed leaves in spring just prior to the emergence of new leaves. 

These make nice shade trees!

Scientific name:  Quercus virginia

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