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Shade - Oak "Joan Lionetti"

Shade - Oak "Joan Lionetti"

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The Joan Lionetti Live Oak is the first and only oak cultivar that was selected and bred specifically for our unique growing conditions in the arid Southwest.  It was once classified as a subspecies of the Southern Live Oak, and the two trees are certainly very similar in appearance.  However, this species is more tolerant of high soil pH, long periods of drought, and freezing temperatures.  It has an upright form with a straight trunk and a dense, symmetrical canopy with a height up to 20-30ft with similar spread. These features, along with the tree’s smaller stature, make it an ideal choice for residential or streetscape settings. Its leathery, dark green leaves are soft and fuzzy underneath, and although the tree is evergreen through even our coldest winters, Joan Lionetti live oak will briefly shed older leaves in spring to make room for fresh foliage.

Scientific name:  Quercus Virginiana var. fusiformis Joan Lionetti

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