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Shade - Acacia 'Mulga'

Shade - Acacia 'Mulga'

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Mulga Acacia can be used in landscape designs as a single specimen or in groups of multiple trees.  Because of its relative smaller size, Mulga is a great residential or commercial tree where space is a bit limited (such as under utility power lines).  Also, it can be used as a large background, screen, informal hedge plant.  This is an evergreen tree, stiffly branched, with a slow growth rate to 20- to 30-feet tall with somewhat equal spread, wood is brittle.  Mulga flowers episodically during the warm season, mostly heavily during fall.  Full sun, heat loving, cold tolerant to 15oF. 

This is a tough (a la the pirate "Arrrrrrrr") large background shrub or small tree for xeric landscapes and/or restricted urban spaces because of its drought and heat stress tolerance.

Scientific name:  Acacia aneura

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