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Palm - Mexican Fan Palm

Palm - Mexican Fan Palm

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The Mexican Fan Palm is a towering vertical accent that provides an inspiring desert tropical oasis feel.  It is a evergreen fan palm, single trunk to 100 feet, slender girth.  Foliage consists of large, fan-shaped, bright, shiny palmately-compound fronds.  The ends of mature frond pinnae characteristically droop and have a coarse texture.  With an extensive, highly fibrous root system and tall slender habit means that it is not a palm tree for small landscape spaces; use with discretion.  Cream-colored panicle cluster of flowers in June, oblong fruits ripen during fall, non-edible.  Full sun, hardy to 20oF.  ke drought and appears on most low water use list; however, this palm does best with moderate and deep supplemental irrigations during summer.

Mexican fan palms have been well documented in the scientific literature to live up to 500 years (Bullock and Heath, 2006)!

Scientific name:  Washingtonia robusta

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