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Succulent - Bottlebrush Aloe

Succulent - Bottlebrush Aloe

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The Bottlebrush Aloe is a handsome tree-like succulent in the wild but in cultivation is more shrubby unless trimmed up with a tall slender main stem.  It can reach 8-10ft high and 3-5ft wide. 

Straight bottlebrush-like spikes of flowers are typically displayed in spring.  They start out as tight masses of bright yellow buds that burst open to display the long orange-red stamens - not long lasting but an amazing display that looks more like a Banksia flower than an aloe when in full bloom. 

It is also one of the hardier of the large aloes, tolerating temperatures down to at least 25°F without any damage. Aloe rupestris has fairly slender stems and can be a little top heavy, particularly when in bloom, so staking may be in order as it gets taller - apparently in its natural habitat it grows in dense shrub thickets that help support it. The old dried up leaves remain and may look a little shaggy but can be trimmed off is a neater look is required. When not in bloom Aloe rupestris can look a lot like several other related species.

Scientific name:  Aloe rupestris

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