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Shade - Guamuchil

Shade - Guamuchil

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The Guamuchil tree (or Manila Tamarind) is a flowering evergreen & thorny tree that belongs to the Fabaceae family.  It is a fast-growing tree first introduced as a shade tree in dry lowlands and eventually became naturalized in many areas.  It is native to Mexico, Central America, and northern South America.  It can grow to heights of 20-50ft.  It has white flowers in summer.  

The seed pods contain a sweet pulp that can be eaten raw, roasted or prepared in a sweet drink similar to lemonade.  The wood is used for paneling, boxes, crates, wagon wheels, general construction, posts and fuel.  Guamuchil is also known as a good forage plant for honey bees.  In Asia, Guamuchil is used as a source for various medicinal products, timber, tannins and dyes.  

These fruits make for a nice treat!

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