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Roses - Rock & Roll

Roses - Rock & Roll

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Big creamy buds set the 'beat' for what's to become a rockin' show of colors. Each petal unfurls to reveal a different pattern of striped & splashed burgundy, red & ivory. It's not just a video for your eyes though. This is a live performance that involves your nose 'cause the fragrance is killer. Deep green leaves set the stage & clothe the bushy full plant. Great for cutting, for smelling or just for enjoying. Rock on! Flower size best in the cool spring and fall.

Grower:  Weeks Roses

Class:  Grandiflora

Growth Habit:  Medium/ Upright, full, very bushy

Flower Size:  Large

Flower color:  Creamy buds open to reveal wild stripes of burgundy, red & white

Fragrant List:  High - Strong rose & fruit

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