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Roses - Dream Come True

Roses - Dream Come True

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The love of the rose struck Dr. John Pottschmidt like a ton of bricks, becoming a driving force in his life. One of his many rosy goals was to breed an AARS winner that everyone can enjoy. Dream Come True does just that. Its big clean vigorous bushy plant pumps out loads of long-stemmed scrumptious shapely yellow blooms edged in ruby red. Each eye-catching flower blushes to all-ruby on the finish, giving a multi-colored display that's truly dreamy in every way. Larger flower size in cooler temperatures.

Grower:  Weeks Roses

Class:  Grandiflora

Growth Habit:  Medium-tall/ Upright, bushy

Flower Size:  Large, up to 5 inch diameter

Flower color:  Yellow blushed ruby-red

Fragrant List:  Medium - Mild tea

Disease Resistance:  Excellent

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