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Apple - Winter Banana

Apple - Winter Banana

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Large, round, especially beautiful apple: pale yellow waxy skin blushed with rosy pink. Crisp, tangy, juicy flesh is highly aromatic with a mild, banana-like flavor. Long time favorite dessert apple in CA’s mild winter coastal climates. Good cider apple. Harvest mid to late-September in Central CA. Good keeper. Vigorous, spreading tree bears at young age. Excellent pollenizer for other apples. Originated in Indiana, introduced in 1890. Low winter chilling requirement, less than 400 hours. Partly self-fruitful, biggest crops if cross-pollenized. USDA Zones 4-9.

Rootstock:  M111

Projected Harvest:  September 10 to September 25

Chill Hours:  less than 400

Pollinator required:  Partly self-fruitful, biggest crops if cross-pollenized

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